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Link Building Packages

Linking is one of the most desired SEO activity for good ranking.

Standard Expert Proffessional
Google PR 0 5 Links 10 Links 15 Links
Google PR 1 5 Links 10 Links 15 Links
Google PR 2+ 5 Links 10 Links 15 Links
Google PR 3+ 5 Links 10 Links 15 Links
One Way Cost $ 225 $ 375 $ 575
Above are mixed link on various websites.

Our Link Building Packages Include:

  • Link building specifications for "one-way links"
  • Links building package include the specified Anchor Text
  • Links will be placed ONLY in pages with the specified PageRank
  • Links will be placed in Websites NOT in bad neighborhood and WITHOUT penalizable content (Viagra, etc.)
  • Only ONE link for every client Web per site (or domain)
  • Link will be placed along the page CONTENT (no footer, no sidebar, no nude links)
  • Link will be placed on a highly relevant site (site of same topic than client Web)
  • Link will be placed along content of its same language
  • Link will NOT include the NOFOLLOW attribute
  • Link will be a direct TEXT LINK (not in frames or iframes, not in Flash, No Image, No Javascript, No Redirections)
  • Link will include the TITLE attribute with same text than the ANCHOR TEXT
  • Always mix the links group (Don't place links to the same webs always together)
  • ONE WAY links (no reciprocal links)
  • DON'T place links in pages excluded by robots.txt or the meta robots tag
  • Never place links in pages including references to "Links" (like in title, content or URL of the page)
  • Don't Include Links to the same Webs from related sites (with the same IP or Class C)

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