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Affiliate Marketing

Unique InfoTech provides a broad range of affiliate marketing services. Affiliate marketing is a profitable and measurable online marketing channel. It is usually one of the less expensive ways of generation additional sales. Affiliate compensation is usually based on actual sales – not on impressions or clicks.

There are various modes of affiliate marketing:

  • Managing a direct affiliate program using an affiliate software
  • Joining an affiliate network, or, a combination, using a direct affiliate program for large affiliates, while using one or more affiliate network to reach out to a large number of small affiliates.
  • Managing a storefront on a large portal and generating sales by tapping into the existing volume of the portal

Unique InfoTech provides support for each one of the above affiliate marketing options.

1st party Affiliate Program: Unique InfoTech will enable you to launch, manage and grow your affiliate channel. For a small monthly fee, you can set up your own affiliate network and use Unique InfoTech’s expertise to grow this network into a large affiliate community which will drive sales at your website. The advantage of setting up a direct network is that you do not need to pay a commission to an affiliate network.

Affiliate network management: Unique InfoTech will enable you to launch, manage and grow your affiliate program on an existing affiliate network. Joining an existing network has the advantage of an existing large affiliate community. The network provides access to this community and also provides software to manage them in return of a 'network access fee'. Unique InfoTech’s team has experience in working with large affiliate networks like Commission Junction and tradedoubler in the US, UK and Indian markets.

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